Mom Hack!

Mom Hack!

I live in the Midwest. It’s now February. It is cold. Not just cold, but COLDDDD. And it is windy, and it is snowy, and…I can’t hardly deal any longer.

But I digress.

It is cold and we are in the Midwest and I have a TODDLER. Which automatically makes any task involving my little mini 100x more difficult. I also am kind of a car seat safety freak. All of those things combined, getting out of the house and anywhere in these winter months can be draining.

Now, typically I’d try to bundle my mini up, in a jacket, carrying a blanket since the jacket has to come off before strapping her into her car seat, trying to get the jacket off while keeping the blanket around her so she wouldn’t freeze her tiny tushy off and ugghhhhhhh, so frustrating! Then one day I had an almost literal lightbulb moment.

She has a two piece jacket – an inner fleece jacket, and an outer windbreaker type jacket. They usually zip and snap together into one piece….*here’s when the lightbulb switched on*...and it finally hit me one day! Light fleece jackets are safe under car seat straps. Why not just unzip & unsnap the two pieces of jacket…put the fleece on & zip, put the windbreaker on over & zip…voila!

Now when we head out, she gets bundled up just the same, but once she’s sitting in her seat, I just unzip the big jacket, slip it off, & buckle her up!

Now, I’ve been a mom for over ten years now…& it took almost that long for me to connect the dots on this one, but I was so excited about it, I had to share! Fingers crossed your mom brain hasn’t attacked you as hard as mine has, and perhaps you came up with this already. But if not…you’re welcome!


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