Okay – enoUGH!!!!

Okay – enoUGH!!!!

So, I’ve mentioned I’m from the Midwest. It gets cold here, it snows, whatever – it’s just our way of life, ya know?

Until this year.

I literally cannot remember the last time (in all my 30-some years) that we have had this. much. snow.

So much in fact, that we have been literally snowed in with family in my home state for a week.

A freaking WEEK, y’all!

We actually made the best of it, and it hasn’t been horrible…other than the fact I am ready to be home again! But our family is very close, and we had a lot of bonding time this week, which was great.

We started out the week staying with my brother & his little fam – they have a 3 year old & a new baby, that my littlest sassy adores!

My oldest Sass was so sweet with him, too. I’m pretty sure they both think they need a baby brother now. Spoiler alert – NOT HAPPENING.

Of course we also had to do some baking…

Some Unc play time…

….annnnnd needed some alone time.

By the time Friday rolled around, we headed about ten miles north to stay with my dad for the remainder of our visit. We celebrated my upcoming birthday, so we were surrounded by family all weekend & we were loving it! My littlest enjoyed some more baby time….

and of course, we had to make some slime.

And both of my lovelies bonded over the Barbie Dreamhouse my littlest sassy is coveting lately.

In the end, we always cherish our time spent with family. But when it came time to go home – THIS is what we were greeted with outside

It’s hard to tell, but that is the looong country driveway drifted knee high – with hard packed snow that got the plow guy so stuck (twice!), he had to go back & get his bobcat to scoop it out. Oi.

Ugh, amiright?! So, we ended up staying ANOTHER day. Better safe than sorry, for sure. We shall try again tomorrow to make it back home!

I hope all of our Midwest friends are surviving just fine as well!

And stay tuned later in the week…I’ve got a fun surprise coming up!



10 thoughts on “Okay – enoUGH!!!!

  1. Wow, a whole week. Looks like you made the best of it and you are so lucky to have family to be with.


  2. I’m in NH and for once we are having a pretty mild winter! But I remember those times, being snowed in and having so much snow and ice I literally couldn’t drive off my street. Kudos to you for spending a whole week with family – now that’s trying!!


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