Hello loves!

I am SO excited today. You may have noticed a little name change here! Single Mom Tribe is now

And I couldn’t be happier! When I started Single Mom Tribe, it was exactly what I wanted to create for single moms. However, as a little time went on, I began to feel a lot of (self imposed) pressure when creating posts, etc. I wanted to be able to blog about my life, but I didn’t want someone coming for the Tribe aspect & being put off by me talking mostly about myself as I tried to grow tribe members in order to create even more content. It was stressing me out a bit, to be honest!

This change has made my heart so happy & basically eliminated all the stress! I have SO many plans for posts/content now, Pinterest ideas, printables, and so on. This may be a bit more dramatic, but I feel more complete with this idea.

I do want to make sure our current followers are aware however that not *too much will change from the original content or intent. I just will be able to post more personal/single mom things without worrying about it following (again, self imposed) guidelines. Also, I have added a page specifically for Single Mom Tribe that I hope to grow soon as well!

I’ve got a lot to work on today to fix up the blog & our other various social media, but I wanted to drop a little note about it here first!

I appreciate all of you.



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