Sick Baby Hacks!

Sick Baby Hacks!

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My poor sweet littlest sassy was so sick with a cold this weekend! Her eyes were swollen & watery, she was so stuffed up, couldn’t sleep, it was so sad! There’s nothing worse than your kiddos being sick – especially when you can’t do much to help!

Sweet babe, cuddling her Llama Llama

But even though it came out of nowhere – & my oldest, who was with her father for the weekend, accidentally took my car keys with her! – mama doesn’t mess around, so we were prepared!

The normal stuff, obvi – Kleenex, meds, “magic soap” (as we call it!), lip chappy and this nifty little contraption in the front!

So, we did the Nose Frida thing when she was a little babe. She hasn’t been sick/sniffly too terribly often, but we used it a few times and I felt kind of…meh about it, honestly. The hole was too big for my tiny girl’s nostrils, the tube always flung around weird & would hurt my lip? I don’t know. It was just not awesome. AND THEN! And then I was gifted that masterpiece of a boog sucker.

Mom life, am I right??

This thing is awesome. It has a small tip, so it goes right into her nose no problem. The best part is, in addition to it being a mom sucker thing, it also is a bulb syringe to suck boogs without the mouth part! Those are the technical terms, for sure.

Anyway, it comes apart easily to clean (even the bulb syringe part! Which is awesome), comes with quite a few replacement filters, there’s no way to accidentally blow air out into the babes nose, and it even come comes with a little pouch to store it in. And my other favorite part is that the bulb syringe actually WORKS! You know how the hospital one works awesome, but then every one you end up buying after that totally sucks?! I was worried about that happening, but this thing was awesome.

The other thing that worked fantastic for us was my Baby Lips Chapstick! Our only tub of Vaseline was with my oldest girl, & poor baby girl’s nose & upper lip was getting so chapped & raw from all the nose wiping! I got desperate, & gave up my favorite chappy for my sweet girl. She loves putting “lips” on, & once I showed her how to put in under her nose, above her lip & even a little across her cheeks – she was loving it even more! Once I researched kids chapstick, I found this stuff – which I already purchased. So I haven’t used it yet, but we will & I will report back!

Thankfully, my sweet girl was feeling better by Sunday….& Monday morning, the first thing she said when she woke up was “mama, I feel much better today!” 😍

I was so thankful to hear that! What kind of mom hacks do you have when your littles are sick? I’d love to hear them!

Single Mom Talks: Depression

Single Mom Talks: Depression

The first post in our “Single Mom Talks:” series.

Let’s talk depression for a minute.

Thankfully, it seems like the mental health stigma has gotten slightly “better” over the years. Better may not be the best word, but at least it is talked about more instead of swept under the rug.

I personally have dealt with depression for years. I was terrified I would end up with postpartum depression after my babies. Thankfully I didn’t, but I did end up with postpartum anxiety after my second – that was awful & I am still dealing with it. I’ll probably write a separate entry that later, since that’s an entirely separate beast.

Other than the typical “down, sad, hopeless” (& so on) feelings that come along with depression, the main thing I’ve really had trouble with is self care. It’s SO easy as a mom to put yourself last, & by the time you’re doing doing everything for your kiddos & giving them your all, there’s little to nothing left for yourself at the end of the day. Which is probably cliche, because that’s like the self care line, right? “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Even though it’s true – & I’ve said it to my friends before who are struggling – & I believe it myself. But that’s not always an easy or do able answer.

At my worst, I was barely showering, brushing my teeth, washing my face, brushing my hair….when I did take the time to wash my hair, as soon as it was dry it went into a pony – sometimes for days. By the time I would take out the pony, my hair would be a snarly, matted mess that would take an hour to *carefully* brush out. It hurt & it made me so upset that I was a 30 something year old grown ass woman brushing snarls out of her hair. It almost brought me even MORE down. And then I’d vow this was the last time, no more ponytails, damn Cait take care of yourself.

Of course, it never went that way. It was another ponytail, more awful brushing, more feeling like a failure as an adult. Interestingly enough, it made me almost happy that even though I couldn’t care for *myself*, at least my kids were fed, bathed, in clean clothes, teeth & hair brushed, etc. I may be failing as an adult, but at least I wasn’t failing as a mom in that department. Plenty others, I’m sure. But thankfully it never got to that point for my precious girls.

Anyway, after having a collection of ponies wrapped with tons of loose hairs, cleaning out gross brushes, falling into bed at night & realizing again I didn’t wash my face…I’d had enough.

I’m a big list person. I like to have lists – cleaning lists, task lists, chore lists, and it came down to the fact that I needed to come up with some sort of morning & evening list/routine for myself. Silly or not, having a visual reminder to care for myself ended up being a huge help.

At first, it started out to be a very simple list:

Brush teeth, wash face, brush hair, shower. As time went on, it became those things, with the addition of a little makeup (CC cream & mascara – maybe some concealer. Nothing special, just enough to make me feel a little more alive), face mask twice a week, eyebrow waxing (I’m obsessed with mine, I wax them myself & don’t let anyone else touch them!), and a little nail care – file/buff nails, sometimes clear polish, or a nude-ish, light color.

Eventually, I split the list into a morning & night routine. I made a point to go to bed at a decent time – I’m a total night owl, always have been – & even started setting a timer on my phone to get ready for bed. I used to just shut off the tv, walk down the hall & climb into bed.

Of course, over the years, sometimes I’ve fallen off the wagon & had to start over. It’s always a vicious cycle. I just try to remind myself how much better I feel when I have my stuff together & take even just a little time for myself.

No matter what, if you’re feeling exceptionally down, just getting through the day is what matters sometimes. If you’re in a bad place, take it slow. Add one thing a day, or even one thing a week to start your routine. If it becomes too much, take a break & just focus on that one thing each morning. When you feel ready, add another thing. Don’t rush, & most importantly – do not pressure yourself. You do what feels right for you, & go at the pace you are comfortable with. Or, figure out a different way entirely! If routines won’t work for you, no worries either. Everyone is different. What’s important is finding something to help pull you out of the slump, even just a little bit.

For anyone that this may help, I’ve created a couple free Printables to get you started. Theres a numbered option, and a blank option. Choose what works before for you.

Just know you aren’t alone, ever. If I can ever help, or you just need an ear, feel free to reach out via our contact page, or fire off an email to:




Hello loves!

I am SO excited today. You may have noticed a little name change here! Single Mom Tribe is now

And I couldn’t be happier! When I started Single Mom Tribe, it was exactly what I wanted to create for single moms. However, as a little time went on, I began to feel a lot of (self imposed) pressure when creating posts, etc. I wanted to be able to blog about my life, but I didn’t want someone coming for the Tribe aspect & being put off by me talking mostly about myself as I tried to grow tribe members in order to create even more content. It was stressing me out a bit, to be honest!

This change has made my heart so happy & basically eliminated all the stress! I have SO many plans for posts/content now, Pinterest ideas, printables, and so on. This may be a bit more dramatic, but I feel more complete with this idea.

I do want to make sure our current followers are aware however that not *too much will change from the original content or intent. I just will be able to post more personal/single mom things without worrying about it following (again, self imposed) guidelines. Also, I have added a page specifically for Single Mom Tribe that I hope to grow soon as well!

I’ve got a lot to work on today to fix up the blog & our other various social media, but I wanted to drop a little note about it here first!

I appreciate all of you.





Just a quick note to our lovely followers – over the next few days, Single Mom Tribe will be moving – so our address will no longer be valid. In the meantime, this same site will be available at until we can make the switch. Just bear with me – we will be back & better than ever as soon as we can!!!

So grateful for all of you.

Xo, Cait

Okay – enoUGH!!!!

Okay – enoUGH!!!!

So, I’ve mentioned I’m from the Midwest. It gets cold here, it snows, whatever – it’s just our way of life, ya know?

Until this year.

I literally cannot remember the last time (in all my 30-some years) that we have had this. much. snow.

So much in fact, that we have been literally snowed in with family in my home state for a week.

A freaking WEEK, y’all!

We actually made the best of it, and it hasn’t been horrible…other than the fact I am ready to be home again! But our family is very close, and we had a lot of bonding time this week, which was great.

We started out the week staying with my brother & his little fam – they have a 3 year old & a new baby, that my littlest sassy adores!

My oldest Sass was so sweet with him, too. I’m pretty sure they both think they need a baby brother now. Spoiler alert – NOT HAPPENING.

Of course we also had to do some baking…

Some Unc play time…

….annnnnd needed some alone time.

By the time Friday rolled around, we headed about ten miles north to stay with my dad for the remainder of our visit. We celebrated my upcoming birthday, so we were surrounded by family all weekend & we were loving it! My littlest enjoyed some more baby time….

and of course, we had to make some slime.

And both of my lovelies bonded over the Barbie Dreamhouse my littlest sassy is coveting lately.

In the end, we always cherish our time spent with family. But when it came time to go home – THIS is what we were greeted with outside

It’s hard to tell, but that is the looong country driveway drifted knee high – with hard packed snow that got the plow guy so stuck (twice!), he had to go back & get his bobcat to scoop it out. Oi.

Ugh, amiright?! So, we ended up staying ANOTHER day. Better safe than sorry, for sure. We shall try again tomorrow to make it back home!

I hope all of our Midwest friends are surviving just fine as well!

And stay tuned later in the week…I’ve got a fun surprise coming up!



So Excited To Be Here

So Excited To Be Here

Just over a week ago, I finally bit the bullet and decided to really start a blog. And not just a blog, but a place for single moms to be able to go when they needed help, reassurance, support…anything!

I also wanted a place to empower women single moms. Life is rough period, but when you bring kids into it, & having to raise them alone…man, it gets tough. I know my girls have kept me going when I thought it was impossible to do so. I think that’s a common thread among moms, period. But I want them to always know that they are the reason why I am here, why I fought through so many things in life to get here now with them.

It was scary to dive in, but I’m so glad I finally did it! I think I’ve said it before, but I’ve got big plans for this little place. I think (I hope) I will be able to share pieces of me and things about my life that will make others realize they aren’t alone. I had a great childhood, and wonderful parents which I am so grateful every day for. But since then, I’ve gone through some truly emotional, painful things. Sometimes it’s too hard to talk about, but sometimes….sometimes just getting it out helps. Me, and possibly others.

And that’s what I am hoping to do. I hope you, dear reader, will join me.



30 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special! + free printable!

30 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special! + free printable!

One of my favorite things about being a mom, is seeing the smiles on my girls faces when they are happy. Its even better when I did something to put those smiles there!

Mental health is SO incredibly important, and a child with a loving mama who makes sure he or she feels special each and every day can work wonders for their self esteem. Its also FUN to surprise them with little loving things here and there as well. With Valentine’s Day having passed just a few days ago, I thought I would share a list of things you can do to make your little feel extra loved whenever the mood strikes.

  • Write a love note and leave it on their pillow
  • Surprise them with their favorite candy or treat
  • Come up with a secret “signal” to flash at them when they are too far away to hear you say you love them *My oldest and I hold up the ASL sign for “I love you” at times like this*
  • Give them a little foot massage
  • Have a special movie night – their choice!
  • Do one of their chores for them
  • Let them choose dinner
  • Do Mad Libs together
  • Do a craft they enjoy together
  • Play a board game
  • Give them a list of the things you love about them
  • Hide loving notes in their drawers to find later
  • Start a weekly/monthly tradition together
  • Have a spa night – give each other facials, manicures and pedicures
  • Get a journal to share, and take turns trading it back and forth
  • Read to each other
  • Leave a note in their lunch bag to find at school
  • Say I love you first
  • Always be the second to let go of a hug
  • Tell some cheesy knock knock jokes
  • Have a slumber party in your bed
  • Pick a time you have a bit of time to spare, and do whatever it is your child wants to do
  • Let them pick a song or music and have a little dance party
  • Have a little child/mom date night – at home or out!
  • Bake cookies together
  • Surprise them with a trip to get ice cream or frozen yogurt
  • Sit down together to make a list of date night ideas
  • Go for a walk together
  • Come up with a scavenger hunt to do together
  • Make plans to watch a meteor shower together when there is one – even if it means waking your child up in the middle of the night!

Have fun!

Make sure to grab my *free* printable here to come up with some date night ideas with your kiddos!

Free Printable!